Earth Haven Biochar

What is Earth Haven Biochar?
Our Biochar is, in the simplest terms, a char produced for mixing into soil. It is a carbon rich, highly porous raw horticultural biochar developed for long term nutrient and moisture holding capacity, improving soil structure, increasing soil pH and increasing habit for soil biology.


How is it made?
Our Biochar has been made with local sustainably sourced woody plant material using a low emission Bazman Batch Gasifier. Our Biochar is wet quenched and sold damp which helps to improve handling and integration into soils.

What is the benefit to your soil?
*Improves soil structure and increases soil life
*Improves clay & sandy soils
*Improves raised garden bed performance
*Improves nutrient holding & reduces leeching
*Provides protection against some foliage and soil-borne diseases

*Ideal for improving potting & seed raising mixes
*Sweetens acidic soils
*Increases moisture holding capacity
*Biochar resists breaking down and can last millennia

Typical analysis – Dry
*Fixed carbon      86%
*pH                     8.7

Tested by : NSW Department of Primary Industries – Diagnostic and Analytical Services Environmental Laboratory – Wollongbar – WN14/0663 For a full analysis please contact us>>>>

Directions for use
* Aim to get Biochar speckled though the top soil profile where most plant feeder roots are.
~This is where all the biological action is and where Biochar should be exchanging held moisture and nutrients with plants ~
*Try not to dig it in below 10-15 cm
~If applied to your soil surface it will naturally work its way into the top soil profile, however scratching it in is recommended~
*If you are fertilising and / or mulching apply the Biochar first
*To obtain the best results from Biochar mix with liquid sea weed, fish emulsion, compost, and biologically rich compost teas
*Biochar can be used as a smell removing compost improver by applying a handful after adding kitchen waste
*Biochar is ideal for adding to compost and should be layered into the compost as it is made or added too
*Adding 25 litres into a 400 litre black compost bin would be the maximum you should apply
*Biochar will not rot or break down in the compost but will soak up nutrients and create habitat for biological life

Suggested direct application rates
*1 litre per m2 of garden area
*For potting or seed raising mixes a maximum of 20% of volume
*For shrubs and trees apply around the drip line at 1 litre per m2 of area
*Biochar is alkaline, care should be taken with acid loving plants. Compost first

~Biochar should be applied each year as part of a seasonal soil improvement program~

*Always avoid inhaling Biochar dust. Add water to bag if product dries out
*Wear gloves and dust mask when handling
*Avoid contact with eyes
*Wash hands thoroughly after use

~This product is not safe for human or animal consumption~
~Since the product contained may be applied under conditions beyond our control, no responsibility can be accepted by us for any loss or damage caused by any person acting or refraining from actions as a result of this product~

Australian made Biochar